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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

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Loans to Members

Loans to Members/ Non Members


Loan to Members

Surety Loans (MTL)

We issue personal surety loans to our members who have atleast 12 months of service period. Depending on the loan amount any other one or two members should sign as guarantors. Monthly recovery (Principal+Interest) will be recovered from the salary itself.

Loan limit is Rs.7Lakhs. Repayment period for this loan is 120 months.

Members can avail this loan on the same day of applying if the eligibility found ok in all aspects. And the same loan can be renewed after expiry of 1/10th of previous loan.

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Vehicle Loan (VL)

We issue Two / Four wheeler loans on EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) basis.

  • Rs. 1,00,000 for two wheelers
  • Rs. 7,00,000 for four wheelers
The loan will be recovered in 96 Monthly instalments along with interest from the member’s salary itself.
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Education Loans (EDN)

We issue Educational Loan for educational purpose of our member’s children, provided necessary documents from the college / university. The maximum loan amount for various education are given below:

  • Rs.50,000 for Diploma/Degree
  • Rs.1,00,000 for PG/Professional Degree

The loan will be recovered in 60 Monthly instalments along with interest from the member’s salary itself.

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Special Loans (SPL)

We issue these Loans for any immediate necessary of funds only for our Members, provided with any other two member’s guarantee (surety), a maximum of Rs.7Lakh for a member can be availed, if there is eligibility. The repayment term for this loan is 100 months.

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Thrift Deposit Loans (TDL)

We issue loans against the thrift deposit recovered from member’s monthly salary. A maximum of 85% of the deposit can be availed. Any one of Surety Loan (MTL) and Thrift Deposit Loan (TDL) could be alive at a time. Repayment term for this loan is as same as surety loan.

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Textile Loan (TXL)

We issue privileged cards for the purchase of Textile items during festival seasons for our members. Members can walk into selective shops coming under co-operative sector such as Co-optex, Khadi Bhavan, NTC, Sarvodaya, GramSilpa, etc., and purchase textile items for the value of the cards.

This is interest-free and the amount is recovered within 8 months from members' monthly salary against the demand raised by the shops.

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Marriage Loan
We give a special loan for meeting the expenses towards the marriage of the member or his/her son/daughter, but a member is eligible for this loan only one time.

Maximum Amount: 1,00,000/-
Repayment Months: 25
Interest Rate: 11.00%

Hence, a maximum of Rs.4934/- approximately will be recovered monthly in diminishing method, decreasing every month.

Members has to submit the application along with original invitation card duly getting surety from any other one member.


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